Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is It Summer Or Fall?


...or fall...?

No, I don't live near a nuclear power plant, but I've never seen sunflowers grow as big as they're growing in my garden right now!

The tree at the end of my driveway started to turn color about a week ago...a couple of days ago I saw the first red leaf on the ground...

My family is off on a college tour again...last week, Cornell in Ithaca, NY...this week, Bucknell in Lewisburg, PA...


Barb said...

Anya ~ if Bucknell is the college of choice ~ we can connect! Also I tend to like Lehigh U ~ connections there too ;>)!!

And on the idea of Summer or Fall, I am catching the glimpse of the same scenario in my area too!

kutiekare said...

Love the sunflowers! They're beautiful! The changing leaves not so much. It just seems like we have more "winter" then summer! And fall means it's coming! Did you enjoy Ithaca? Did you get to the quilt store there? I love Lewisburg's Country Cupboard!1 There is also a place called Verna's that sells fabic-she has a sale in July & her fabric is 10% off-she is cheaper than the quilt stores-just watch what you buy. She is off the main road a ways but worth the trip.
Enjoy your trip!

Anya said...

Barb -- we may try Lehigh sometime as well. Right now my son is about to enter his junior year in HS, so we have some time to look around. So far he's liked all 4 schools we've visited, all for different reasons.

Kutiekare -- I didn't get to the quilt shop in Ithaca this year, but have been there in the past. All three of us were pleasantly surprised by Cornell, so I suspect we'll make a trip up there again. And I usually make it to Verna's once or twice a year with a vanful of quilting friends! Of course Country Cupboard is our usual place to stop to eat on the way home. My family stopped there today on our way home from Bucknell.

Thanks to both of you for leaving comments!