Saturday, October 18, 2008

Weekend Coffee Break

At this month's meeting of my guild's DJ group, I "won" this great mug. My thanks to my quilting friend Dori who picked this up while seeing Jane Stickle's original quilt at the Bennington Museum just a couple of weeks ago. I'm envious that Dori got to see the quilt in person...maybe someday she'll organize a group trip up there (hint, hint, Dori...I know you're reading...) This mug is from Needles, the local fabric shop in Wellsboro. The owners, Katie and Mary, are great people to know and are always very supportive of our guild's activities. Thank you's go to them for always having a smile when a customer comes in (even if we don't always buy something).
This is my afternoon tea mug. It reminds me of the old sewing machine that I inherited from my maternal grandmother (mentioned in this post). My grandmother, like many Russians, loved her tea.
This is another favorite coffee mug of mine...I bought it while attending the 2007 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. That was an unforgettable trip.
And lastly, this is one of my travel coffee mugs...also bought in Sisters.

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