Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter Is Coming

The forecast is for snow showers and very chilly temperatures today, so I guess the days of cabin fever are approaching.

This is "A-9 Cabin Fever", an advanced-level paper-pieced block. Yes, some of the pieces are quite small, but it wasn't all that difficult because the center block is done as one section. The only seams to match are on the outer strips.


Zoey said...

I love the 3-inch centers that look so intricate! I think that's the beauty of paper piecing. It's so much easier than it looks like it should be.

Zoey said...

Oops, now that I look a second time it is probably a bit larger than 3". Whatever size it is, it looks nice!

Anya said...

The center block is just 3 inches and the outer strips are 1 inch. The block is 5 inches unfinished.

Yes, I agree that paper piecing makes the blocks look a lot harder than they really are..Shhh, let's not let the secret out.

Thanks for the comments.