Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost a Do-over

When I finished this one, I though I had made a big mistake because the points of the center square will be chopped off once it's sewn together with sashing. However, when I looked at
Jane's block and the pattern again, I realized that they are slightly chopped off in the original. Whew!

This is "J-3, Rick's Volleyball Net", an intermediate-level block that I chose to paper piece and raw-edge machine-buttonhole stitch.

This is block #139 for me...only 30 more center blocks to go!


Jackie said...

Whew! I hate when you think you have done something wrong and then have to rip it out! But as you proved, always good to double check and save the unsewing for another time.

Nanci said...

I love the colours in this block. paper of these days!

Yvette said...

Beautiful block!
Beautiful fabric!

Barb said...

This is just so pretty! I had to go back and look several times to figure out WHERE you were cutting off points...and all of the sudden I figured it out, along the edge is the concern...WHEW on realizing that the original DJ had the same issue! But I am thinking you are being much to tough on yourself, because this will be one very awesome quilt when it is complete! Your blocks alone are beautiful...and you have only 30 to go for the center...YOU GO GIRL!!

Susan said...

Hmmm...maybe I need to check the book closer! Could be the points that I am missing in my quilt are supposed to be that way!