Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Friend Really Needs To Get A Blog

My prolific quilting friend that I have blogged about very often has made yet another fun quilt top. She and her husband just welcomed their 14th grandchild (it's a boy!) and she's been busy making sure that this baby is well taken care of.

My friend found this cute stick figure panel at Corning Stitchworks and then whipped up the top in no time. Once again, she gave it to me to "play on" with my HQ16...I just meandered a figure 8-type pattern all over. Quick and easy.

I'm only joking about her needing to get a blog...she has no interest in it...she'd rather spend her time sewing quilt tops...fine with me...That lets me show them off on my blog... If you click on the "Moddy's quilts" label on my blog's right sidebar (scroll down almost to the bottom), you can see all of the quilts that I've quilted for her.


Jackie said...

Really cute quilt! I just love that fabric too. My friend had purchased it and I fell in love with it then. Didn't have anyone to use it for. But wow! , 14 grandchildren that is just wonderful. Love the quilting on it... FUN!

Barb said...

Not only is that quilt and fabric adorable... the quilting is just so so cute. I've worked on an HQ16 but it had a lot of tension problems. Maybe because it belonged to a shop and too many people used and abused it. Would love to hear how you like yours.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a cute quilt! She really has used her time wisely :-)

Kelly Jackson said...

Mody is very tallented. She was in one of my classes at "Needles" too.

I love this quilt. I'm glad you put it on your blog. Blogging is it like live scrapbooking :)