Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Can't Help Myself

First of all, a big thank you to all who commented on my completed DJ top. It's been great fun sharing my journey with you and I am very grateful for the support and encouragement I've received both from the members of my guild's DJ support group (the Laurel Janes) and from everyone who has commented on my blog posts. I couldn't have gotten this far without you!

At first I thought I'd take a bit of a break before starting on the DJ triangles, but I'm afraid I can't go cold turkey. I won't be feverishly working on them like I had been on the center blocks for the last couple of months, but perhaps I can regularly make one each week or so.

I'll be showing the triangles in the direction in which they appear on the quilt, so you may occasionally see one on its side or upside-down like this one. The dark background is the fabric I used for the sashing in the center of the quilt and I will be using it for the solid triangles inbetween the pieced ones.

This is "BR-1, Rosemary's Rainbow", a beginner-level paper-pieced block. It was quite easy.

Just a word of warning to those who are planning to use the DJ software for this one. If you want yours to look like Jane's, be sure to mirror the image before printing and if you want it to fit properly, be sure to change the size to 5 inches by 8 inches. For some senseless reason, the software uses the 4 1/2-inch square size (which is the finished size of the center blocks) as the default size for the triangles.


karenfae said...

I think the triangles were fun to do, by time I was done with the blocks I was ready for the triangles.

Heather said...

the red and the black are gorgeous fabrics. Looks terrific. can't wait to see more.

Rene' said...

Great job on your first triangle. Love the red and white. I just got my Dear Jane you are telling me there is a CD?!? Can't wait to see more of those triangles.

Madalene said...

Knew you couldn't wait.