Monday, April 26, 2010

Country Drive

Those of you who read my friend Susan's blog saw a very similar picture there yesterday.

I saw my first "local" (within an hour's drive of my home) barn quilt when I went on a quilting adventure with two friends on Friday. This was painted on a barn on the property owned by the folks at Sew What? Fabric Shoppe on County Route 119 in Addison, NY. Nothing fancy, just a large block painted right on the side of the barn. But it looks great!

If you want to see more barn quilts, check out the Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail blog.


Susan said...

It was such a fun day! We really need to take quilty trips like that more often!

Gayle Bong said...

I love the barn quilts. I have seen at least 4 in our area. They are all just one big block, except one gal (or hubby the sign maker) painted an irish chain quilt. Wish I had a barn.

Lisa said...

I've SEEN that barn quilt - this past summer my husband took me to Addison so I could see where he grew up. I wish I'd known there was a quilt store inside, I would have made him stop! Thanks for sharing, Lisa