Monday, October 25, 2010

Fun Opportunity

Some of you may remember that I recently blogged about picking a Pay It Forward recipient. The winner is Mary-Frances of Outside the Line blog. I've been in touch with Mary-Frances and she has now posted a PIF post on her blog as well. She is inviting readers to participate, so be sure to go to the PIF post on her blog and read about how to sign up! She'll be so happy to hear from you.

There hasn't been too much quilty stuff going on in my life this past week -- I've been too busy with visiting my son (yeah!) for Parents' Weekend and then a wine-tasting trip with my husband to several wonderful wineries around Seneca Lake (one of NY's Finger Lakes). Now it's back to reality, hopefully with some quilting/sewing again.


Suzan said...

I have friends that live in that area of NY and look forward to my trips to visit them since I KNOW we will be going to the wineries! I prefer cabernet so I am not a big fan of white wine but I sure do like the dry rieslings.

Needled Mom said...

Back to reality can feel really good!! Enjoy.

searchfamilies said...

I have participated in a PIF before
Hugs Janice