Monday, September 17, 2012

Sail Away

Things have been really hectic around here for the last several weeks, so I haven't had much time for blogging or reading blogs. Maybe this week I'll catch up and get back to a normal routine.

Everything was a whirlwind in preparation for my guild's exhibit (still going on, by the way) and then my husband and I took a trip down to the Chincoteague/Assateauge, VA area for several days (couldn't have asked for better weather!). And this weekend we drove up to Hammondsport, NY to see their annual seaplane parade on Keuka Lake and the flight of a replica 1912 Curtiss Model E flying boat. And then the next day we made a trip to Ithaca to take college boy out to lunch.

While in Hammondsport, I stopped at an antique store and found this lovely sailboat quilt -- it didn't come home with me, however...the price tag was $350!. Why can't I ever find antique quilts for $10 or featherweights for $20?

And if you're a seaplane enthusiast or just plain's a collage of photos from the seaplane parade...

Maybe I'll get back to some quilting now....

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