Wednesday, October 10, 2012

One Way To Use Up Stash.... to use it as gift wrap!

This was wrapped using a simple Japanese furoshiki technique. 

What is furoshiki, you ask? Check it out here and never use wrapping paper again!

Do you know that the Japanese government even has instructions on how to use furoshiki? Check it out on their Ministry of the Environment's website. Wouldn't it be nice if more of our elected officials encouraged Americans to be more environmentally-responsible? But then that would mean that listening to scientists is important and we don't want to do that, now do we?


Suzan said...

I actually know someone who buys holiday fabric on clearance at Joann's and makes fabric sacks for gift giving.
I find it very odd that more people are not concerned about the environment especially with the obvious turn to global warming. We were warned and even the scientists had no idea the ice in the Arctic would start melting as quickly as it has.

Holly said...

Furoshiki links were really interesting! I like that kind of stuff, thanks!