Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Is Over?

I know that some people like to put their Christmas trees and other decorations away immediately after Christmas and you won't hear a single Christmas song on the radio or in stores after December 25th, but the twelve days of Christmas go through Epiphany. Why should the Christmas spirit disappear as soon as the presents are opened and the ham is served on the 25th?

Anyway, I'm still blogging about Christmas stuff, so here's an ornament I made this year. Quite simple. I basically used this tutorial for the petals.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I usually leave my stuff up until after New Years Day at least. But then I don't put it up until close to Dec. 10th or so either. So many put there tree up now a week before Thanksgiving that I think they are tired of it (I've heard of some that put it up after Halloween)- and most do not put it up for any religious meaning but more for retail therapy than anything else!!

Suzan said...

I'm with you, Anya! My tree stays up until after Epiphany. It makes me so sad when I see trees on the curb on 12/26 and sometimes as early as Christmas night. My "big" tree did not actually get finished until the last Sunday in Advent (as is tradition) so I am very happy to keep it lit and beautiful for another 10 days.

OneOldGoat said...

My tree stays up until after Epiphany as well! I love celebrating the entire Christmas season and always really miss the tree when it is down. Love your ornament!