Friday, February 15, 2013

Orphan Blocks and Quilters' Generosity

Some of my readers may know that one of my goals this year is to use up orphan blocks that have been sitting around for way too long. Some orphan blocks have already made it into quilts, and alas, a few (only a few) had to go in the trash.

A fellow quilting blogger, Nancy of Quilting Potpourri, belongs to a guild that has a great idea for orphan blocks. Check out Nancy's blog post about it here.

I also have to mention some of Nancy's community work -- she volunteers helping with a woman's prison crafting program. Here's one of her blog posts about one of the projects that the women worked on.

Quilters are a very giving bunch, aren't they?

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Nancy said...

Why thank you, Anya! We're repeating the orphan block adoption again this year, so in the Fall we'll have some creative projects to show. A good feeling to find a quilt home for those stray blocks, isn't it?