Thursday, April 14, 2016

Easy Pieced (Sort of) Backing

Almost all of the quilts I've made in the last couple of years have pieced backings made with various fabrics from my stash. This is the back of a quilt that I blogged about a few weeks ago, (you can see it here). The four fabrics in the center are actually all one fabric. There are no seams; the four patterns are printed horizontally on the same bolt of fabric, so there is the equivalent of one-quarter yard (11 inches by 36 inches) of each print in one yard off of the bolt. This piece had been sitting in my stash for several years, and I finally found a use for it.


Sara said...

I like pieced backs too. Even if they are "faux pieced". This was a perfect use for this particular fabric. I saw a similar one in a local fabric shop recently but I think the strips were narrower.

The Quilting Elf said...

This post was so interesting. I've never seen fabric like that, but it's an intriguing idea. I often have to piece backs. I'll keep an eye out now!
Kathy T. in Tampa