Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yes, a February Finish!

Although I have lots of quilts in progress, and I've been working on a number of them this month, I only have one small one to show as a finish for this month.

click on photo for larger view

I finished this small wallhanging top many years ago, probably close to a decade ago. I finally decided that since it's so busy, I would just stitch in the ditch in a number of places, just to get it quilted.

I remember that I learned a valuable lesson back when I made the flying geese. I learned that one should NOT sew seams all in one direction. When I sewed the flying geese together into rows, the rows wound up being a bit "bowy". Because of that, there was a good amount of stretching and fudging when I sewed all the pieces of the wallhanging together. I made it work, but ever since I made those flying geese, I always make sure I alternate directions when I'm sewing seams in a row.

I've also gotten better at not having so many points cut off...

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