Sunday, June 28, 2009

Keeping Busy

This is the third batch of nine-patch blocks that I've made up for the online swap I blogged about here. The purples are really much prettier in person.

I've now made it through one week without having our son around the house...why doesn't he call more often?


Vivian said...

Your purples are pretty as can be. Seeing all your 9-patches in your posts is pushing me to make a nice variety for myself.
He'll be back before you know it, and the phone will probably ring when you least expect it.

Jackie said...

I just love the purple and the flowers! I bet he will be calling you today, have no fear!

Susan said...

The blocks look great, Anya!

Be glad the phone isn't means that he is enjoying his time at school and is busy studying! Just 5 short weeks to go and he will be home again!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Great purple blocks! I would be happy to get one or two of those in the swap. Yes, sons just don't realize how much us mothers miss them and would like to hear from them more often. Hang in there.

Barb said...

Very pretty blocks...your purple is vibrant, not sure how it could be better in person!

Nick will call, guys just forget about the *time*, and sometimes they call when we are least expecting it...and then we need to remember what we want to ask them LOL!! Hold on Mom, one week down and ONLY five to go...YOU CAN DO IT!! Have a great week, but make it a busy one!

Barbara A. said...

It could be worse - I had to travel to Colorado to see my daughter. Been here 2 weeks -leaving for home tomorrow - see you at Dear Janes.