Friday, July 31, 2009

I've Had It Too Easy Lately

OK, I guess I'm being punished a bit for having it so easy with my DJ blocks recently. This block required sewing Y-seams, which are a lot easier for me now than they were a year ago. That doesn't mean I'm an expert, though, as is obvious from this block. See the seams in the upper right and lower left corners? They don't quite make it to the exact corner of the block. Good enough for me, though.

At least the paper piecing on this one wasn't too hard. If you make this from the DJ software, just remember to select the "mirror" option when printing the pattern, otherwise you'll wind up with your block facing the opposite direction. I added the outer two triangles using the raw-edge machine-buttonhole stitch method.

This is "H-2, Jacob Anthony", an intermediate-level block.

In real life, the fabric is so much more purple than in the photo...


Jackie said...

This definitely looks like a more challenging block. But I think sometimes that is what we all need a challenge and you came through it very well!!

karenfae said...

the first one of these I did was kinda of messy. I also appliqued the outer triangles on them - the first one wasn't all that neat compared to the second one. Don't you sometimes wonder if she had one or two glasses of wine before she started one of these and didn't know what the heck she was doing! :) how did she come up with these patters?