Saturday, August 14, 2010

One More Thing

In my excitement yesterday, I forgot to mention the pattern that I used for Nick's quilt.

I first saw a quilt in progress (scroll down the post to see the Teal Tomorrow quilt) by Vicki of Field Trips in Fiber (love her fabric dying!) and thought it might be a good candidate for Nick's quilt. I showed him a number of different patterns and he liked this one best.

The pattern, called Peaches and Dreams, is a free one on Judy Laquidara's blog, Patchwork Times. I chose to make mine smaller and without the patchwork border (which really looks nice...I may have to make another one of these with the border).

Just another reason why I love to read quilting blogs...thank you to both of those ladies for the inspiration and for being so willing to share!

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Jackie said...

Funny, I thought that was the pattern! Looks so different when you use other fabrics!