Wednesday, May 25, 2011

C(ranky) O(ld) W(oman)...NOT!

A blogging friend of mine, Nancy Near Philadelphia, recently asked some of her loyal readers to send her friendship COW blocks in celebration of her 5th blogging anniversary. She claims to be a COW (Cranky Old Woman), but I can't imagine that anyone would ever call her that. I've never met Nancy in person, but she writes a wonderful blog that makes me smile and makes me think. She is never afraid to speak her mind, but "cranky" is not what comes to mind when I read her posts.

So I jumped at the chance to make Nancy a COW block. I modified a paper piecing pattern that I found online and improvised a bit with the borders.

I can't wait to see what Nancy's finished quilt looks like. Thank you, Nancy, for inviting me to participate!


Metanoia said...

I love the cow. I am a chicken girl myself, but that cow is a delight!!

Mary said...

What a great block! I know Nancy will be delighted.