Monday, May 23, 2011

Returning Home

This native New Yorker (born in Brooklyn, actually, but it counts) spent a wonderful day on Saturday "back home".

My husband, son, and I spent the day exploring Manhattan on "Rapture Day". One of the highlights was getting my picture taken with this statue in the garment district. I was so focussed on finding this statue that I totally missed the nearby sculpture of a giant needle and button... I guess that means I need to make a return trip!


Jackie said...

Oh yes, I remember that statue! We did our photo there a few months ago during my retreat at Victoria's. I think I posted it... not sure. But you must go back to the giant needle!

Crystal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! My daughter and her medical resident husband lived in Brooklyn and Queens while he did his clerkship at Wykoff Heights Hospital (I think that's the right name). I loved visiting NYC and would go back in a heartbeat! I did not know about the ECO switch on some sewing machines. I will definitely watch for that when I am shopping to replace my almost 40 yr. old Singer. Happy Creating this week!