Friday, July 29, 2011

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I've been missing these quilts a lot lately. Three of them were given to various charities, so I'll never know who owns them. And the other three were given to family members. At least I can see my son's red/black/white quilt when he's home in the summers...although this summer he was home for only one short month before he left again for summer classes!

Click on the picture for a larger view.
P.S. If anyone ever finds the two on the left or the one on the right at a yard sale or thrift store, please buy them back for me! Those are the ones that could be anywhere. Of course, my family members would never even think about selling the other three at a yard sale, right?


Jackie said...

So true that sometimes we miss our quilts. You put so much time and effort into them, it is understandable!

Susan said...

You can bet if I ever see any of those quilts at a yard sale or in a thrift shop that I will be buying them! You might have to arm wrestle me to get them away from me though...they are all great quilts!

Vivian said...

Each quilt you're showing is special, and hopefully they're being appreciated in proportion to the time and care that you into making them. I often wonder whether people who own my quilts tire of them and kind of discard them, putting them in the bottom of a closet or on a shelf out of sight in some back room. Why do we have such a lack of faith in how others think about our quilts.
Is the quilt in the bottom left photo from a pattern I could find? Those wavy, horizontal lines are dramatic, and it looks like a quick quilt to make.