Monday, March 19, 2012

Amish Beauties

Because of the wonderful weather forecast last week, my husband and I made a spontaneous trip to Lancaster, PA so I could visit several quilt-related events in town and he could enjoy some birding at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area.

In addition to the American Quilters' Society show at the Convention Center, I spent some time at the nearby Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum to see a wonderful collection of Amish quilts. It was a spectacular display and I'm so glad I went. I was happy to pay my admission fee to help preserve these treasures.

Sadly, the museum is closing after this exhibit. Read more about that here. It's a shame that my state's governor feels it's OK to give tax breaks to the natural-gas companies while cutting funding for arts and education.

Off my soapbox....Here are a couple of shots that I took inside the museum. The pictures are nice, but it was a glorious thing to see in person.


Jackie said...

That is very sad. What a great exhibit of quilts! And look at the ceiling too!

karenfae said...

I had never been there that is too bad it is closing. When I have been to the area I was in Intercourse at the Old Country Store - is there another quilt museum there next to it - I feel I have been to a quilt museum but not the one you show.

Pat said...

Beautiful simplicity!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a fabulous chance to getaway and see some beautiful pieces of work. Perhaps a private company will pick up and take over on the museum. It would be a shame to loose out on viewing such beauty.