Monday, March 5, 2012


After several weeks of waking up at 4AM and stressing about what I'm going to make, and after hours and hours spent thinking and looking through books and magazines and the Internet for inspiration, I believe I may have finally settled on an idea for the current "mission" of my challenge art quilting group.

When we last met, we were given the theme of  "spring" and told to go through each other's scraps looking for pieces to use in our assignment. We are free to interpret "spring" any way we want. One additional rule is that we are to also use "a recognizable piece" of a solid fabric in the final project. I'm still deciding between two solids, but that will be a much easier task than coming up with the design.

I'm glad this headache is to actually get working on my piece (due in just over a month)! Wish me luck!


karenfae said...

if you are stressing out so much over this I wonder why you are doing it - don't you just want to have fun with your quilting or are you moving way into a new area for you?

Kathy P said...

I can see a polka dot theme in the works here! Good luck - I'm sure it will turn out great!

Needled Mom said...

Good luck. It sounds like a fun theme.

Susan said...

I have a similar pile of fabrics scrunched up on my sewing table too! I'm glad that you finally have a plan!