Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leftovers, Again

The quilt that I showed last week (in this blog post here) left me with some leftover pieces, so I've been playing around with them a bit.

Because of the way the pieces were trimmed, the seams won't all match when put together, but that's OK with me. I'm still playing with layouts and will probably put this aside for a while since I don't really have an idea as to what to use this for.

And since we finally had a wonderful day, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this quilt outdoors. Natural outdoor light does wonders.


Needled Mom said...

That looks fabulous!

Vivian said...

White + black + red always play together well, and this Q has such a graphic design. Well done, Anya. The quilting adds another lovely dimension to the quilt.
Have fun playing with those leftovers.