Saturday, September 27, 2014

Anybody There?

Wow, what a summer. I had so many things keeping me busy that I didn't really have much time for quilting/sewing stuff, just an occasional quilters' day out with friends or a day spent charity sewing with guild members. And that meant that I didn't have time for too much blogging, either.

So, what was it that kept me so busy? First, it was moving my elderly parents and aunt to a house that we built next door (and then helping them get settled in -- changing bank accounts, driver's licenses, doctor's appointments, etc.) Then, it was my son's graduation from college and job hunt, culminating in helping him move to California for a job with Google (yeah!).

My sewing machine barely got turned on all summer. About all I managed to finish were the labels and sleeves for entries in my guild's exhibit this past month.

Anyway, things are slowly getting back to normal, so now I'm getting back into the routine of sewing something (and finishing it)! And hopefully, that will mean more regular blogging, too, mainly to show my projects.

And since I don't like to write a blog post without a photo, here's a shot what greeted us when we stopped by at one of the Google buildings!

I hope to be back real soon to show what I finished sewing this past week! Thanks for reading!


Heather said...

wow, busy summer. Congratulations to your son and welcome to your new neighbours.
I spent the summer helping my mom and she broke her leg. Since she lives an hour and half away, I didn't get much sewing time in either. Such is life.

Glad to see you back.

Nancy said...

That moving business sure does consume, doesn't it? We, too, just spent time helping our daughter move. Our truck broke down and had to rent a UHaul. Now need to go back north this week to retrieve the repaired truck, horse trailer, and her kitties who hid during the move! No wonder moving ranks up there in the "stressful event" list. Glad things are quieting down a bit for you, and hope you get that machine humming again soon. I have a quilt retreat coming up that looks mighty good after all this.