Friday, November 7, 2014

Sew One, Quilt Two

Not too long ago, I came home from a fun quilters' day out with friends with a Moda Hubba, Hubba jelly roll. I didn't really need to buy more fabric, but this bright, cheery collection was calling my name, especially since it was at a great price. So I brought it home with me, with no real plans for what to make with it. Admit it, you do it, too.

Soon afterward, I quickly sewed a quilt top together. But that means I need to follow through with my commitment to quilt two tops for every one that I sew. Right now there are four more tops waiting to be quilted, and even though I'm itching to sew a few more tops, my focus right now is on quilting. Once this top is quilted, I will load another one that's waiting in the wings.

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