Monday, April 20, 2015

Time To Get Back in the Saddle

Wow, I've gone four weeks without blogging. There are a number of reasons....some of it involving traveling, some involving helping my parents with selling a house, some of it involving planning more travel, etc.

Another main reason for my blog being quiet is that I haven't really done too much quilting lately. I've been in a bit of a funk because my pile of completed quilts has gotten higher than I like. These are mostly quilts that I've made in the past year without any plan for where they will end up. And when the pile gets this high, I don't have much motivation to make more unless I have a particular goal like a graduation, baby, wedding, etc. This weekend I did decide on recipients for two of these, but I will probably hold on to the rest to enter in a local show or two in the next year.

But I also now have a reason to make another quilt. A family member has learned the sex of her grandchild-to-be, so I can now get started on that quilt. When it's done, it won't be added to my pile, but will find a loving home!

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Nanci Stokes said...

Hello : I know that a month does not seem a long time to be away, but I've been gone about a year and a half almost. I haven't been quilting either due to lots of different issues like you, and travelling too. I took sewing machine etc to Florida and did nothing but sit in the sun and knit this winter. I did come up with some ideas for quilts, but also decided that finishing some undone one was important.
Unlike you, my grandchildren "borrow" quilts from me, so they are much loved and used. I have not many in my cottage this year, but plan to do some.
regards, Nanci