Saturday, November 22, 2008

No More Wrapping Paper

Last year, our guild president challenged members to make reusable bags for grocery shopping. You should have seen the variety of bags that everyone came up with -- all sorts of fabrics and patterns. No two were alike.

I recently read a blog about wrapping gifts in reusable grocery bags instead of wrapping paper, and so I sat down yesterday to make one for the upcoming Christmas season. I used fabric from my stash (probably circa 1995) and followed the basic directions in this tutorial, but I left out the outside pocket. You can see a hint of the red lining fabric up by the handles.

This could also be made using fabric scraps -- that would certainly give the outside of the bag a neat look. Or maybe an orphan block or two. The possibilities are endless. Make up a batch and there will be no need for plastic bags anymore. Keep one folded up in your purse for the unexpected trip to the store.


Susan said...

Nice job...your bag turned out great!

Paula said...

Great bag!

Sara said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

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It would be great if you could update your link and maybe stop by the new digs if you get the chance. Thanks again.

Leah Ingram