Saturday, November 15, 2008

No, This Is Not A Mistake

The points of the star are supposed to be cut least, that's how Jane Stickle had hers. It bothers me to see this, but I want to make it fairly close to the original quilt.

I can just hear the comments that will be made once my quilt is finished and I show it somewhere..."Look, she can't even get her star points made correctly! And she calls herself a quilter?"


Barb said...

Another pretty one Anya ~ when mixed in with all of your other blocks, and knowing the DJ history it should not be considered a mistake. Your talents are obvious and your stitching is very precise. I love it!

Paula said...

No, that's an actual block. I've seen it many times. Just say back to those people, "Nope, you're not the quilter or you would KNOW that it IS an actual block."

We need to find the name for it to make it more official!!!

Thanks for entering my drawing and introducing me to your blog!