Monday, March 9, 2009

Easy Decision

It was easy for me to decide which applique method to use with this one. I chose my current favorite -- raw-edge machine-buttonhole-stitch. If the quilt police had come to my house and forced me to use a non-raw-edge method, I suppose I would choose reverse applique as I did in the block on this post. However, I think I have enough friends who feel like I do so that if the quilt police did come around, we'd made sure they left very quickly...they need to find another job...

This is "G-11, Decisions, Decisions", an intermediate-level block. I chose to paper piece the 9-patch because I like the (relatively) straight lines that I get, but if you are allergic to paper piecing, it can easy be done with just rotary cutting and then your favorite applique method.

1 comment:

Nanci said...

Oh, gee I have that stitch on my machine too. I may try to applique one of these days. Your work will pass police lines!