Thursday, March 12, 2009

Generous Bloggers

Back in January, I won second prize in a giveaway from Jackie of Canton Village Quilt Works. The prize was edge-to-edge quilting on a baby quilt (very generous, wasn't it?). Since I didn't have any tops of my own that needed to be quilted, I just quickly put one together from my guild's stash for donation to our county's Project Linus program. I used a disappearing 9-patch pattern -- you can find some tutorials here, here or here (using heart blocks).

I sent the top and backing to Jackie and within a week, it was back at my house waiting to be bound. She did a really nice job with the panto, don't you think? I think it works perfectly with the quilt.

As a thank you, I made Jackie a postcard in my current style, using selvages. Jackie is in charge of the Black and White Quilt Challenge, so I thought I'd match the theme.

Thanks again, Jackie!


Nanci said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful. I see that a lot of people are into card making! You have a talent for it I can see.
Aren't people in quilt land generous folks?

Susan said...

Oh my turned out beautifully and you know that I LOVE the bias binding!

The thank you card is great too!

Heather said...

you both did lovely work.

Barb said...

What a wonderful gift to Project Linus...both of you did a beautiful job. Your selvage cards are so neat...I like seeing them, thank you for sharing!

Jackie said...

Hi Anya, It was my pleasure to do your quilt! And I just received the postcard. I absolutely love it! My kids were impressed too. I have it now hanging on my bulletin board in my studio for inspiration. Thanks so much for your kindness.