Friday, March 6, 2009

I See A Rainbow

This top was made by a member of my Laurel Janes group, Betty M. Isn't it lovely? She was inspired by the raffle quilt of the Empire Quilters in NY. When you check out the raffle quilt, be sure to take some time to see the back and the individual blocks. It is an amazing piece of work!

I think maybe Betty has the right idea about DJ blocks. Make them larger and make only a few -- that way you'll have a completed project that takes a lot less time than the entire quilt! To see a photo of Betty's first DJ project, check my post here.
P.S. Thanks for all the comments about the ties yesterday...the ceremony was great and Nick said he got a lot of compliments on his tie. I think he looked quite handsome, but I'm afraid I'm a bit biased...

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karenfae said...

the raffle quilt is an amazing quilt isn't it - I bought some raffle tickets sometime back and have my fingers crossed! The one you show also is very unique. It is amazing how different we can do this blocks if you set your mind to it.