Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Came In Like a Lion

Although this area missed all the snow of Monday's northeast snowstorm, we did get hit with a very wintry blast of cold, windy weather. Thankfully, the sun came out halfway through our monthly DJ gathering and the atmosphere inside was definitely warm and inviting.

I spent the time making "D-1, Alison's Guilding Light", an intermediate-level block. It was relatively easy. Number 110 for me.

In addition to making this block on Monday, I spent some time studying the book, looking over the blocks that I have remaining...the difficulty level is definitely going to increase soon.


Nanci said...

It looks simple to make, but once you really look, well it's too difficult for me to try yet.
Enjoy the anxiety girl!

Susan said...

This one is really pretty and I'm sure the colors are even prettier in person!

Barb said...

Great job Anya, I like it, colors are great, I am not surprised by this! For sure you will not be troubled by the difficulty level of the blocks, you do beautiful work, you are a very talented quilter!

Tropical Screamer said...

Another great looking block. It's D-1, right?

I only noticed because I haven't tried it yet. LOL.