Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Pieces Than States

This is "I-13, Sweet Harmony", an advanced-level paper-pieced block. If I counted correctly, it has 53 pieces! (again, the colors are washed out)

I was joking with my friend Susan that this little 5-inch block has more pieces than her entire quilt that she blogged about here. As a matter of fact, it turns out that my block has more than twice the number of pieces as Susan's quilt!

Her quilt is really cute, isn't it?


Nanci said...

Anya, that work up close and personal is fabulous. I can't imagine anything more than 10-12 pieces in a block, let alone what you have done in 5 1/2"
It doesn't look washed out but soft colours. I have a colour similar to the border and I'm sure when I photograhp it it will look the same. Wonderful blog as usual.

karenfae said...

good job! love the colors

Clevelandgirlie said...

Anya what a fabulous job you did on this block. I've dug out my DJ blocks and I realize now I stopped once I finished most of the easy ones!! Holy Cow I'm not looking forward to this bugger.

Karen said...

Great block! Love the fabric.

Barb said...

Very pretty colors on a wonderful block ~ you did a great job with this one too!

Tropical Screamer said...

Great work as usual. I'm enjoying my block break, but your blocks make me want to get back at them.

All the best,