Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simple Patchwork

When a friend of mine (former co-worker) retired in fall 2004, I made this quilt with another quilter who was also a co-worker of the retiree. The retiree and the other quilter both lived in the DC area, so it was a long-distance project. The fabrics were cozy flannels that had outdoorsy things on them like leaves, dragonflies, canoes, and hiking shoes. The other quilter and I made the blocks and then I quilted it on my Bernina with monofilament thread. I still had not gotten my HQ16.

The other quilt is a quilt that I made for my family using leftover fabric from the first quilt. It's just made with randomly placed squares and then a patchwork border. I think pieced borders add so much to a quilt, especially one that doesn't have busy blocks.

I had enough fabric left that I made 3 pillows to go along with the quilt.


Clevelandgirlie said...

You're right -- pieced borders give that extra pizazz to an already lovely quilt. Very, very nice.

Nanci said...

Oh, I love the simplicity of the quilt and the border you did just does it! Fabulous.

Barb said...

Ohhhhh I like these quilts... simple can be good! I agree borders can make or break the over all look of a quilt. Good job Anya, you are a very talented quilter!

Martha said...

Thanks for the pictures - I love piggyback quilts! It's fun to see the same fabric used in different ways.