Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Glass of Wine, Anyone?

My husband and I enjoy driving around and visiting the many wineries that are located along the Finger Lakes in New York State. Most of them are within an easy 1-2 hour drive of our house. Not much traffic or real estate development, and thankfully, NO NATURAL GAS-INDUSTRY stuff to put up with!

We took advantage of a nice sunny spring day this past weekend and visited a few wineries around Cayuga Lake. At Thirsty Owl Winery (in photo below) I spotted the quilt on the wall before the first few sips of wine were poured in my glass. I was told that the owner's mother-in-law made it.


Jackie said...

Very appropriate for a visiting quilter! They must have known you were coming.

karenfae said...

we have a favorite winery in Wisconsin that we like to visit when we go see our daughter. It is about an hour from her house - no quilt on the wall though!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Sounds like fun to me....especially the part about no drilling :)


Suzan said...

Sure will be interesting to find out exactly how much environmental impact all that fracking will create in your area!

Love "Thirsty Owl" - I "did" several wineries around Cayuga last summer. I don't remember seeing the quilt but I had been tasting for a couple of hours before we got there!

Nanci said...

A husband and wife are sitting on a verandah having a glass of wine.
the wife says " I love you"
the husband..."is that you or the wine talking?"
wife..."it's me.....talking to the wine!". love wineries.

Z Any Mouse said...

What a gorgeous wine quilt! Is there a pattern available?