Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yesterday was my husband's birthday, so we spent the day up in Corning, NY. It was a beautiful day for a walk and for a visit to the Corning Museum of Glass, as well as for lunch at the Old World Cafe.

These teapots caught my "quilter's eye" in the museum....They were just a few of the gorgeous glass items on display. If you're ever in the area of the NY Finger Lakes, a stop at this museum is a must, for all ages. And I highly recommend it for local residents, too.

One tip for local residents -- the entry fee to the museum is only $6 for locals, but you have to tell them that at the admissions desk -- it's only on their website, not on the display board at the desk. Otherwise, it's $14. Oh, and you can bring two guests in at the local rate. And everyone 19 and under is always free, local or not.

I took lots of pictures and will post them at some point (as well as photos from the quilt show in Philly, a quilt show in Ithaca, another quilt exhibit at Cornell, etc).


Vivian said...

If I lived closer, I'd be heading to the museum. It's a bit of a trek from here, though.
Wow! Those teapots are LOVELY!!

Bree said...

oh I love them! I love glass, and tea pots, and quilting! How could you go wrong???

Rene' said...

Hope you and your husband enjoyed the day! Thanks for sharing photos of those glass teapots; they are stunning!