Monday, February 6, 2012

Moosewood Monday

I haven't posted a Moosewood Restaurant recipe lately...Here's one that's perfect for a winter's day. It's Russian Cabbage Borscht.

Having grown up in a Russian household where we had soup as a first course for dinner almost every day, I can vouch for this being the authentic stuff...Unlike other restaurant borschts (including in overpriced delis in New York City), this recipe is the way real Russians make borscht. Someone needs to tell those delis that BORSCHT IS NOT JUST BEETS WITH BEET JUICE! It's supposed to have lots of other vegetables besides beets and you can also add meat if you live with a carnivore like I do. I grew up with both the meat and meatless (served during Lent) versions. Add some fresh bread (preferably dark rye) and a dollop of sour cream. Yum!

If you're not familiar with the, don't walk, and get to Ithaca, NY to try the food in person. If you can't do, don't walk to buy a Moosewood cookbook. (No affiliation, I just LOVE their food). The menu at the restaurant changes daily, so you can try something new every time.

P.S. If you don't have tomato puree as the recipe says, just use any kind of tomato can be from a can, jar, or (gasp!) even ketchup.


Pat said...

YUM! Love beets and Moosewood!

Star said...

Love beetroot, but I've never tried Borscht. I do like beetroot hot, cooked as a vegetable though. Not a vegetarian, so the menu sounded bland to me, but I'm sure the restaurant is inspiring to those of us who are vegetarians.