Monday, April 7, 2014


Over the last couple of years, I've finished a bunch of quilts without potential recipients in mind, and I just put the quilts away in a tote, thinking that someday they'll find homes. I finally got tired of having them hidden away in my house, so I recently offered quilts to family and friends on Facebook. To my delight, a number of people took me up on my offer, so now eight of my quilts are in the process of being adopted! A couple are already with their new owners, a few are ready to be shipped to various places across the country, and a couple will be delivered locally. Some of the new owners will be using the quilts as fundraisers for worthwhile organizations.

Most of these quilts are among my favorites (well, frankly, all of my quilts are my favorites...that's why I make them!), but it makes me feel good knowing who the new owners are and knowing that the quilts will be dearly loved and well taken care of.

This is now a great excuse to make some more quilts!


Wacky Woman said...

I agree with you. Our quilts deserve a forever home! ;-)

Pat Merkle said...

What a great friend you are!!!!

Diane said...

I know the feeling-I did the same sort of thing several years back and was so happy that my quilts were going to be loved and cared for. I found it very interesting that the quilts each person picked, I wouldn't have thought that would be the one they wanted.
I need to do it again!

Jean said...

I need to do that too. In fact, I have a niece and nephew getting married (not to each other!)this year, so need to figure out what to give them.

Vivian said...

I love the process, usually love the final results, and then I love giving them away. It's such a joy for us quilters to make someone else happy with something we had fun making.
Good for you, Anya.

Kat said...

This gives me hope that someday all of my "extra" quilts will find good homes!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I felt too guilty so I didn't say anything...but I do love that you gave away such treasures. You are very kind indeed. I don't think I could have done is hard to part with my babies.