Friday, December 1, 2017

Whew! It's Done!

About a year ago, I told my son that I would make him a quilt for the full-size bed he has in his apartment to replace the one I made for him when he went away to college back in 2010 (it's too small for his current bed). I sent him a link to various quilt photos that I had collected for inspiration over the years on Pinterest and told him to pick a couple that he liked and I'd see if I could get the pattern. Of course, he picked a pattern that had a gazillion pieces, but I loved it. Here is a link to the pattern info. It's called "Seeing Squares" from the Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio.

My son said he wanted the quilt to be mostly medium to dark blues, with some orange and gold/yellow. After making a few trips to some of my favorite fabric shops, I had 24 fabrics to work with. Then I spent hours and hours cutting and piecing, and finally finished quilting and binding it right before Thanksgiving. It's now out in California with its new owner, and he tells me he likes it. I really liked it, too, and it was hard to let it go.

click on photos for a larger view

approximately 84" x 96"

Here's a close-up shot --

And a shot showing the backing and binding --

I plan on making a couple of pillowcases for him as well, maybe by Christmas.


Nancy said...

Very nice! There sure are a gazillion pieces, but that makes the geometric design very effective. I like how you quilted it, too.

Sandra said...

Just gorgeous! The pops of color are perfect.