Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Boy, Am I a Beginner or What?

Although I have been quilting for almost 10 years and sewing for about 35 years, I have done almost no hand applique. Making this Dear Jane quilt will allow me to try different methods of applique and hopefully will give me a chance to improve my skills -- as you can tell from this photo of "F-6 Deanie's Daisies", I definitely need it! I may consider sewing a small button in the center of my daisy to hide some of the imperfections, even if it's not what Jane Stickle would have done. But then, this is not Jane Stickle's quilt, it's Anya's quilt.

I'm including a photo of the daisies that are blooming in my garden right now -- maybe that will distract the viewer from the block photo : )


Susan said...

What was it that you told me yesterday? Remember...finished is better than perfect! ;0)

Valerie said...

I love your block! I wish I could do that. Maybe one day I will try! This is my first visit to your blog and I really enjoyed it.