Friday, July 18, 2008

Can You Guess I'm a Quilter?

Aren't these the cutest?

Here's a better look from the side.

Or how about these? They even have ties in the corners...
I don't think I'd find these in any of the stores in Wellsboro that sell shoes...Paducah, maybe, but not Wellsboro.

I found both pairs on the Converse shoe website. It's amazing how many designs they have available.

Now I'm completely prepared for spending many long hours on my feet at quilt shows and on shop hops.

And my family is definitely convinced that I'm obsessed...

But I like to quote a passage from the movie "National Treasure" -- Nicolas Cage's character asks "One step short of crazy, what do you get?", his friend Riley answers "Obsessed?", Nicolas Cage says "Passionate".


Nancy said...

Hi Anya, Suzy sent me the link to this last week but I had to wait until I was back on DSL to see it properly. Dial-up out in the woods is just so slow! I love your new shoes!! I am a Chucks fan of many years, so I have to know do they come in high tops? By the way I am Nancy from Thibodaux, LA and I was intrigued by your live feed but it did have me confused as it listed me as New Orleans. I will have to keep my eyes open for a new pair of Chucks.

Nancy said...

Hi Anya, Suzy sent this link to me last week but just now getting to comment. I have been out in the woods with very slow dial-up so waited until I was back on DSL. I love your new shoes! I am a Chucks fan of many years and I will be looking for these in high tops version!

Anya said...

Hi Nancy!

I'm glad you like the shoes. I think they are pretty cool, too. You'll have to check the Converse website to see if they come in high tops. I don't remember seeing them that way.
I'm not sure why the feed shows you as being in New Orleans, but I know that it always shows me as Mansfield, PA rather than Wellsboro, PA (which is my snail mail address).
Thanks for reading my blog!