Monday, August 4, 2008


Today's post is dedicated to my maternal grandmother who passed away on this day in 1974. I was fortunate to have lived with her or near her until the day she died.
One of my prize possessions is the sewing machine that she brought with her to the United States in 1951 when she and my grandfather and their 2 youngest children fled the Soviet Union after WWII. They left almost everything they owned behind in their small Russian village in the early years of the war when the Germans occupied their portion of the country. But my grandmother insisted on taking her sewing machine.
The case is obviously one that she must have purchased in the 1960s or so, but one day I hope to put this machine in a more suitable older sewing cabinet.

I would have loved to have known my grandmother in my adult years, but I know she's with me every time I pick up a needle or sit down at a sewing machine...

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