Monday, December 1, 2008

Nothing Is Wasted

These are some of the fun things I've made using selvages from Christmas fabric -- ornaments and coasters!
I cut off a strip about an inch from the edge of the fabric -- that gives me enough to work with.

Some of my quilting friends had been giving me strange looks when I asked them to give me their selvages, but now I can show them that they can be put to good use. I tried to include the name of a fabric line in each of the projects. If you click on the pictures, you should be able to see a larger version.
These were great fun! I'll have to try something larger next, but I'll need a lot more selvages...

P.S. Why the heck is my FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed showing me as being in Etters, PA instead of Wellsboro, PA? It used to show me as being in Mansfield, PA which is OK because my house is actually located halfway inbetween Wellsboro and Mansfield. But for the last couple of weeks, FEEDJIT claims I'm logging on in Etters. I'm nowhere near Etters -- according to Mapquest, Etters is near Harrisburg, 150 miles from Wellsboro!

Here is what I found out about Etters in Wikipedia --

Etters is the name of the post office serving Goldsboro, along with parts of Fairview Township and Newberry Township, York County, Pennsylvania. The name of "Etters," instead of "Goldsboro," was chosen because the name of "Gouldsboro" was already being used by a community in Wayne County, and U.S. Postal Service regulations prohibits the practice of giving two different post offices names which are the same or which sound similar enough that people would confuse the two. The Etters post office gained its name from a local American Revolutionary War veteran, Etter, who owned a tavern near Goldsboro which served as the mail drop-off point for the area. Mail sacks destined for the tavern were marked "Etter's."
The Etters post office is located on South Kister Street in Goldsboro.
While some local teens enjoy telling people that their town is so "backwoods" that it's not even on a map, others amuse themselves by telling people they don't live in a town, they live in a mailing address.
On October 27, 2002, an article appeared on the front page of the Harrisburg Patriot News entitled "Where the Heck is Etters?" that describes how people live in a place and have listed on their driver's licenses a place that is not on a map.


Barb said...

Anya ~ cute use of your selvage scraps, "nothing is wasted" is a perfect title for your blog entry! And as to the *Etters* on your *Feedjit*...I noticed that too, and wondered why "your address" had changed LOL, now we know that you have not moved, although that might be closer to me LOL! Have a great day!

michelle said...

My Feedjit keep changing too. I used to work in Etters since there was a Rite Aid headquarter. Etters is a pretty small town.

sparkle jars said...

Hi-You've won my 300th Post Give-Away! Congratulations! By the way, I love these ornaments using selvage scraps!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your selvedge projects - especially the cute little trees.