Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pretty and Pink

Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! Yes, even I can make homemade marshmallows! I found this great recipe for peppermint marshmallows here. The site has great instructions and photos. The only thing that I would change in this recipe is that I would leave out the cornstarch and use only powdered sugar for the coating. I have seen other recipes where only the powdered sugar is used, so I'm sure it works just fine. I think I can taste the corn starch a bit, but my son says he can't tell. And he's been gobbling these up like crazy.


Tropical Screamer said...

Wow. I just saw handmade marshmallows in one of those fancy catalogs. They were large and ---$1.00--- a piece.

Your marshmallows look a lot better.


Anya said...

Thanks. These are definitely less than $1 each, but it did take some time and was a bit messy. But lots of fun and worth every minute and all the mess.

Barb said...

How neat is this idea of the marshmallows, thank you for sharing a look at them and the site with us!

Holly Knott said...

Hi Anya! Just found your blog via my Mom's (Diane Knott). These marshmallows look so tasty. I'm enjoying reading your blog. Love your banner of Wellsboro! (I'm in the Finger Lakes near the gas station covered in fiber you posted about)