Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'll Get To My DJ Blocks Soon, I Hope

I've been busy working on some non-DJ projects lately. There are several guild projects that I'm taking part in right now.

The guild has a retreat coming up next month -- I won't be attending, but the retreat organizers are allowing all guild members to participate in a block drawing that will be held at the retreat. For each block that a member donates, she will get one chance for a set of blocks. They had such a great turnout last time for a drawing like this that they had to have several winners! I think they're expecting the same or better this time around. I plan to make 4 blocks.

This is the block that we're all supposed to do -- no rules about fabric except that the small squares running on the diagonal should be light. The fabric I've used comes from my stash, some of it donated from another guild member who gave me some generous pieces of her scraps. Thanks Dori!

On another subject...if any of my blog readers read the police report in our local paper, they may see my name sometime soon...after taking my 16-year-old son shopping for dress clothes yesterday, I'm worried that he may turn me in for child abuse! You'd think that he was being drawn and quartered...I dread what will happen when we go back next week to pick up the altered slacks!


Tropical Screamer said...

Reminds me of trying to buy tennis shoes for my son when he was a teenager. I still remember the frustration when it took him hours to find a pair that "fit."

It's funny. Now that he's 33 he can find sale shoes that fit just fine in no time at all.

Love the block.


Barb said...

Oh yes very pretty block, thank you for showing us! Good luck with the block drawing!

OK so you just don't seem like the type to be in a police report, so I am guessing I don't need to be watching for the headlines ;-) anytime soon!!

Nanci said...

I remember my sweetie taking my son to buy tennis shoes one summer. The poor salesman had a tic when they walked out of the store! We still tell the story at family gatherings. And don't start about dress pants and a simple white shirt that must be worn tucked in!