Friday, February 6, 2009

Poof, It's Gone

While our furnace was being worked on yesterday, I worked on this block, "G-5 Poof", an intermediate-level block with an appliqued center. The background can either be paper-pieced or rotary-cut. Now that I look at it, I realize that one of the yellow strips is narrower than the other one. Oh well, I'm not doing it over.

I used the buttonhole stitch on my machine again (see the post here) to applique the raw edge of the center piece. It made for very quick work and I like the effect. The background fabric is actually purple, not blue as looks to me on the screen, and the other fabric is a lot more yellow and not so orangey.

The name of this block, "Poof", is very appropriate today, because "poof", the new, but more efficient and hopefully more reliable, furnace is making my money disappear...(at least our gas bill should be quite a bit lower).

In addition to that, my son (high school junior) just found out that he has been accepted for Cornell University's summer college...that means that "poof", more money will disappear...but it will be well worth it.


karenfae said...

LOL you sound like me "oh well, I'm not doing it over" :) I do that all the time - it's like there are so many pieces in this quilt someone will really have to look hard to find the mistakes.

Darrin and Michelle said...

Especially when there is 225 blocks. That is funny, I was working on the same exact block this morning, just need to applique the poof on the background.

Zoey said...

That's a pretty one, Anya. I think that is the same background that I liked a few blocks ago.

I would not do it over either. It looks just fine!

I like the machine buttonhole stitch. One of these days I must try that stuff on my machine. I have had the machine for a year now and only use the straight stitch.

Liviania said...

That's a cool square. The different sized stripes look intentional.

Nicole said...

It looks neat!