Friday, February 27, 2009

Quilt Police = Housing Police?

This is a small wallhanging I made in August 2004 for our guild's challenge that year. The theme was houses, so I decided to make it a statement about my feelings about homeowner associations. The name of the quilt is "There Goes the Neighborhood". You may not be able to see it in the photo, but all the three "boring" houses have nothing that makes them particularly interesting. The 4th house has sparkly gold curtains and pink flamingos in the front yard. And of course, none of the patterns on the exterior of the house match.

I have nothing against wanting homes to be well-taken care of and pleasing to look at, but I don't feel that we need "housing police" to tell us what color our mailboxes should be, etc. Most people I know have some pride and do care about outward appearances without having to have rules about it. And a little bit of individuality is what makes life interesting.

And that's what I like in quilts -- no quilt police allowed.


karenfae said...

no quilt police allowed in my house or anywhere near it either :) I don't go by the rules a lot of the time and bugs the heck out of me when someone tells me I "did it wrong"

Nanci said...

Maybe you want to give the other houses a facelift! You could embroider in shiney floss and make them more in keeping with the neighbourhood!
I love it as it is. So different and shows your individuality.

Penny said...

That's a fab quilt. I love the way you used fabric which looks like real stones etc for the boring houses, but the fun house is made from multicoloured material.