Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retreats Are Not Just For Quilting

This past weekend's mini-retreat included a dish-to-pass meal, so this is what I decided to contribute.

Cake pops, a la Bakerella...but mine are not as neat as hers. Not bad for a first attempt, though. Here's a link to her version, and while you're visiting her blog, take a look around...there's some amazing stuff to see. Just click on her header and it will take you to her most current posts. She also makes amazing cupcake pops.


Tropical Screamer said...

What fun treats for mess-free snacking. And they are so cute.


Yarn Hungry Piggett said...

Anya, this is Yarn Hungry Piggett. Guess what? You were the only one to leave me a comment on my 1st Blog Anniversary post. I'm happy to say, hands down, you won the skein that a local crafter hand-dyed. It's a gorgoeous piece. It may not look so on the photo that my crappy camera took, but it's one awesome 500 yard of wool yarn.

What I'm not happy about is, I sure am NOT POPULAR! hahahaha! My blog must be boring. Either nobody cares to leave comments or they are afraid of me. hahahaha! Or....I only have a few followers: you, my sister, and a number of sympathizers. hahaha!

So, leave me a note or two via email on how I can send this to you. You can find email address in my blog.