Monday, May 25, 2009

A Day To Remember

Please take a moment today to remember the ones who paid the ultimate price to give us the life we enjoy.

This is a raggy wallhanging I made in late 2001. It took a lot of snipping and a lot of washing. A bit of advice -- if you ever make a raggy quilt, be sure to wash it in a commercial washing machine, not in your own. I was glad I did (but I'll be the unsuspecting person who came after me wasn't).


Jackie said...

Happy Memorial Day to you!

SandyQuilts said...

Happy Memorial Day. Love the flag.

If my rag item isn't too large I made a super sized muslin bag. I place the item inside and sew it shut with a small stitch. This keeps all the lint inside the bag. I cut off one of the stitched ends, take out the item and shake plus shake out the bag. I put the item back in the muslin bag, sew it shut again and throw in the dryer. Many laundromats will not all you to wash rag items at their establishments now. Just an idea.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful flag! Happy Memorial Day to you!

Barb said...

Happy Memorial Day, Anya! I love your flag, and you are right they do make LOTS of lint! It seems each time they are moved around more lint falls off! I bet you are happy that it is not HUGE! Have a great day!