Monday, May 4, 2009

Time For A Rest

I've been making a lot of blocks using the raw-edge machine buttonhole-stitch applique method lately because on Wednesday my faithful machine will be going in for some much-delayed servicing. There is nothing wrong with it (except for the broken needle threader), but I've put in a lot of sewing hours on it since the last checkup, so it's time. I do have another machine that I mainly use for sewing away from home, but it doesn't have as nice a buttonhole stitch as my Bernina. So I'll use it for other projects until the main machine is ready.

It will be a good excuse to go on a road trip with a few of my quilting friends to a couple of quilt shops and a farmers' market.

This is "A-10, Which Points West?", an intermediate-level appliqued and rotary-cut block. I saw no reason to sew the background using Y-seams as shown in the software; straight seams work well enough.


Jackie said...

That is exactly what I have to do too. My sewing machine is a little over due and it has the same problem as yours, the needle threader. Other than that it could just use a good cleaning. Hope you make some good stops!

Karen said...

Anya, where are you and your buddies going? My quilting buddies and I are headed to Sew Pieceful and Village Sampler on Friday. Always looking for new shops to visit. Where is the farmer's market. Those around here aren't open yet.

Barb said...

This is another pretty color combo in your block! I do like the buttonhole applique you do your blocks with! It is amazing how long our machines keep on going, even when we know we have put on lots of milage. Faithful machines, and always missed when we give them a service break!

Roslyn Atwood said...

Love this block!